samedi 14 novembre 2009

Hey readers! (if there is any!)

HERE is a book that I loved, it basically changed my life, it's kind of geek, throught!! :D
Learn more about the security system in the US!
Marcus is a high school student of San Francisco. he is very clever, and has already fiddled his high school surveillance system. He built his own computer. When a terrorist attack blows the BART, Marcus and his team are arrested arbitralry by the DHS. When they're finally released, he finds his country turned into a police state, ruled by the DHS. A very cool story of freedom and rebellion.
This book gave me the desire to become a total geek, (so I could unlock the stupid survey to watch my favorite shows online!)
Have fun!

mardi 10 novembre 2009

dear friends,

MY BLOG WILL Cover the following TOPICS:
- healthy lifestyle
- Creativity

if you have any remarques, questions or suggestions, please post!